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Captains James and Nicole Grebe

Captain James,  82nd Airborne (The All Americans) Army veteran is a Licensed Coast Guard approved OUPV (Six Pack) captain with over 20 years of fishing experience on the east coast.  
Captain Nicole has over 5 years of experience satisfying all of your inshore cruising needs.  From Dolphin watching to island hopping she is the life of the party barge. 

Captain Justin Smith.     Captain Justin is a retired Coast Guard veteran, his entire life has been spent on or around the water. He transferred back to North Carolina in 2016 and began working as a mate on multiple local charter boats, before obtaining his captains licenses and pursuing his dream of running charters. He looks forward to giving you the best experience possible out on the water during your visit to Topsail North Carolina.

Meet The Captains : The Captains
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